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I want to pay my bill on line and can't login to a site to do so. the credit card statement say to pay bill on line, login to

but i can't find mohawk anywhere. what do i do? If they do not want us to pay on line why do they even mention a site to go to?

If i go to the telephone it cost me and if i mail the payment it usually comes up late and either way i am charged a late feeor a phone fee. I am on a limited budget, which doesn't enclude any fee.

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By far consistently poor customer service but dont't fret you have to be persistent with this gigantic rip off.


This is three months in a row. I go to login and make my payment two days early or on the due date and my password doesn't work.

It conveniently works the day after the due date but with an additional late service fee added on. Scamming Mother F'ers


I taked to customer service Rep.and they said I could pay online but there is no way to register??? GE Money will get no more business from me.


I'm on hold with GE MONEY NOW. Been on hold for 40 minutes!

Can't log in either. This is the worst company.

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