I have a Lowe's credit card Ge money has lowered my credit line 2 times . my minimum payment is 15.00 per month i pay anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00 per month.every time i send more money they drop my limit.

I guess they like the 15.00 payers to get more interest i must be a threat to them because they are not collecting much interest on me.I think everyone that Ge money has done this to should get a response for them personally. when i pay this off iam closing my credit account

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I just had this same issue. I sent in a $100 payment with my mind payment being $25. 2 weeks later I got a credit line lowering letter.


:( same with me lowered credit limit from 3500 to 1500 without notification


GE/LOWES lowered my credit limit from $2,000.00 to $1,750.00. I am paying on time. Never late.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #187092

GE Money Bank has got to go. I am reading the stories above and I can relate to all of them.

I make all of my payments on time with and always pay well over the minimum and they keep lowering my Lowes credit limit. I am done with them.


Just got notified that GE/LOWES has lowered my credit limit for the 3rd time. That's right - 3rd.

I have not made new purchases in 1.5 years, have nevr even been an hour late with my payment, and always pay more than the minimum amount due.

This really screws with my credit score since it looks like I'v maxed the card out, since all limit cuts were to within $100 of my balance. :(


So here's my question. So they've effectively already damaged my credit score.

And then they want to hike my payments. So I refused to pay the accelerated pay schedule. My original terms are paid in full by 7/2011. I told them they lost their incentive to penalize me when they closed my account.

Do they have repossession authority? I'm seriously considering not paying them anymore at all and applying that money to a creditor who WANTS my business.


I woke up this morning and decided to check my balances on all my paid off cards just to see what the credit lines were in case I was going to use them for Christmas. Well I got the same answer that everyone on this website got...either a closed card or a credit line dropped to $125.00 dollars.

NO NOTIFICATION AT ALL! I am calling these bozos today to complain and ask for a manager to reinstate my credit lines. Regardless of whether or not the cards are paid off I should have received notification for these changes.

I am actually not too mad because the cards are paid off HOWEVER this does affect all consumers credit lines. I am seriously considering taking the plunge and closing these cards ASAP.


Used GE Money Bank's HH Gregg card to purchase an air conditioner. Good thing my mother works at the same bank I bank with because alerted me right away that GE Money Bank double-dipped into my checking account for two withdrawals of $250.07.

During the dispute of this, the customer service rep. at GE Money Bank tacked on "account insurance" after I specifically told him "No!" After raising all sorts of *** with GE Money Bank, I received two pre-fabricated letters of apology.

Point being, watch your accounts like a hawk. They bank on YOU not paying attention.


GEMB is lowering credit limits and closing accounts on everyone.

We had our Lowes account closed outright because we didn't carry a balance. That's right...10 years with Lowes and a $4000 credit limit gone. Not only did the account closure ding our credit score, but it also raised our debt ratio causing our credit score to drop. It's difficult enough as it is to maintain a good credit score in this economic climate, but when customers are penalized for GOOD payment practices, something is dreadfully wrong.

This practice should be criminal, but it isn't. About the only thing that we, as consumers, can do is refuse to do business on any level, cash or credit, with any store using GEMB as their credit guarantor. This would include Wal-Mart, Lowes, J.C. Penny, PayPal Buyer Credit and many others. Perhaps if we can hit these places where they'll notice (their profit margins), they'll get a clue. Also, don't be afraid to write to the corporate headquarters for Wal-Mart, Lowes or wherever and let them know that you are not happy and you'll be taking your business elsewhere. Then DO it!



I recently had my Wamart / GE Bank credit line reduced to $100.00. I received a letter stating the reduction was due to my Credit report / purchase history.

I have a credit monitoring service and GE Bank has not checked my credit since 12-2008.

I now realize that because I paid the balance off in full they reduced my credit limit. Looks like it will be Target from now on.


I heard from a Tom Lackey today who is the liason between Lowes and GE Money - he increased my credit limit back to where it was and apologized and said it shouldn't have happened and gave me his number. I sent an email to the president of Lowes from a post online with all the info I found and got a response. I'm pleased.


I went to Lowes today to purchase a light fixture and I heard the dreaded word... "Declined." How could this be, I just gave them $1400 to nearly pay off the card.

Well I paid by debit card and went home to look at my account.

They dropped my limit to one dollar more than the balance. I just wanted to add this to vent a little and let everyone know they are not alone.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #56953

Old Navy and now QVC have lowered my credit limits due to my credit report, even though I have perfect credit with both of them! They lowered my credit down to my balance, so now it looks like I'm charged to the max!

I had a 1,000 limit on QVC, now it's down to 400. I've had that card for years and NEVER been late 1 minute! Same with Old Navy.

I emailed QVC to tell them that I can't shop with them because of their association with GE Money bank. I hate that bank and plan to boycott any place associated with them.


GE Money Bank lowered the credit limit on my "PREAPPROVED" credit card. what the heck is that about???


I have several cards that all end up with GE Money Bank and they too started lowering my credit limit. I always pay all of my accounts on time & more than the minimum due.

I ven got one of my cards closed becuase of past credit issues, that were already there when they approved me in the 1st place!!

I have decided to close all my GE cards, (Wal Mart, Sams, Dillards, Sutherlands & Kohls) lets see how far they get when the only customers they have left are the ones who don't pay their bills!!! :(


I to just got a letter for my walmart card they also lowered my credit limit based on my credit report! Not happy about this at all!!

The people that are holding up there end of the bargain get the short end. This is bull@@ Reward the ones that pay cut the ones out that dont.They are destroying the ecomony o wait the gov. will bail them out again.Screw it where is my bailout. I guess i can exspect to see more letters on my other accounts with these people.Soon they will have no one with a card then those top exs can get a job cleaning bathrooms and apply for a ge card of there own see how we feel.

This company is low cant believe they do this to us!! :(


Old Navy lowered my credit limit. I've told all my friend, family members and their friends and family members.I have never once missed a pymt in 2 years.

I pay off the card in full every time. and "based upon what's being reported on my credit report" I'm getting my limit lowered.NO.

this is not ok. :(

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