Charges late fees even when I sent registered mail. I have to send numerous letters and even after they write back to credit my account with late fees and finance charges, will not stop calling.

They call at all hours of the day/night and any day of the week. I have repeatedly told them to stop calling as my mother is terminal and doesn't need the harassment.

Will not let me speak for her even though we have written asking them to do so since she is sick and I have power of attorney. They use auto dial and then we have to wait and wait and wait to talk to someone and then they are extremely rude.

I had Brian the last time and I asked if he spoke English (since I've had non conversations with some customer service people that don't speak English or pretend not to) to which his response was "What kind of question is that". Not yes maam, or How can I help you?

Repeatedly asked him not to call - asked to speak to my ill mother, said he would call back. I said no I am speaking on her behalf and kept asking if she was there to talk with.

I realize that they are doing their jobs but this is NOT any way to treat customers especially after I read a letter that I received just 1 hour prior that stated that all charges were being taken off the account.

In 1 week, they should have received notice from the Texas office that the charges were removed and yet they still call and have continued to do so until the present day.

The last thing my sick mother needs is to be harassed by these calls since it is so difficult for her to even answer the phone.

She has been a responsible single mother all her life, always paying her bills and on time and this is just unacceptable to be treated in this manner.

I've decided that I am going to pursue this farther to anyone who will listen and I am presently writing a letter to the Attorney General's office.

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Next time they call, just tell them you are your mother, they'd be none the wiser as they cant see thru the phone. Remember, these agents are low paid and work from scripts for the most part.

So they wont have a clue who you are if they call again. Good Luck to You

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #55017

G.E. Money Bank - Customer Service department appears to have a job discribtion dealing with from harassment to abuse! This is the type of Corporated Greed Monster which helps form the business ethics which blended towards our fine present economy.

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